Photography Book

Making a book was a really motivating experience to continue taking pictures. Coming up with ideas and new locations was a little tricky but in the end, really fun. the idea behind it was to make a book with pictures displaying pictures that conveyed emotions and each emotion had two pictures, one for the day and one for the night. When I was able to put the book together it was so satisfying to see it because I felt like I made something and it made me want to do more. This project was super fun and I would definitely do it again.

Final Evaluation

My final evaluation for this class is that it was really fun to take. The field-trips helped a lot because it gave me motivation o take pictures. Making the blog also gave me motivation to take pictures. I think I am going to keep using it after this class. Overall, it was a class I really enjoyed and made me want to get creative again.

Photo Challenge

For the photo challenge, I took portraits of some of my co-workers. I forgot to take a picture of what I used to bounce the light off but it was two small boats taped together. It was fun using a DIY tool to try and take good quality pictures because it shows that every piece of equipment doesn’t have to be bought, it can simply be made.


  1. DSLR is a camera that shoots with camera RAW.
  2. Manual- Lets you choose the settings
  3. Rule of thirds, worm’s eye view, silhouette, framing, contrasting colors
  4. The library function in Lightroom allows you to import pictures from the camera’s SD card.
  5. Metadata is all of the information collected in camera RAW from a picture.
  6. Crop, radial tool, red-eye tool, gradient, Spot correction, and brush tool.
  7. The histogram shows all the colors from the picture. The eyedropper tool allows you to pick a color from the picture.
  8. Rembrandt lighting, butterfly, side lighting
  9. LASTNAME_(yy/mm/dd)_sequence # (0001)


I have only been to Balboa Park once on a field trip in high school and I had almost forgotten about how picturesque the architecture is. I went to the museum with my best friend and we both felt captivated by the pictures we saw there. Irving Penn’s exhibition was really inspiring. He made simple subjects have a certain life to them in his pictures. He was a photographer for Vogue and it was evident in his pictures why such a prestigious magazine like vogue would hire him. Even though most of his pictures were in black and white, they were interesting to look at. After walking around, Penn’s pictures showed me that there are many ways to photograph a subject and give it substance. That it does not need to have so much around it to try to make it interesting. Something that I liked about his black and white style of photography was that he used contrast to give the picture dimension, so they would not feel flat. Even though his colorless pictures were great, there was one picture in color that I really liked. It was the one of the young shepherdess with her goat. Once I saw it I immediately knew that if it had been in black and white, it would not have the same feeling that it had in color. Everything in the picture just stood out so well that I felt like I could not look away from it. My overall experience was great and leaving from the exhibition made me feel like I finally understand how photography can be art. 

Letters to a Young Artist

Sense Memory

I decided to do a picture to try to capture Sense Memory. Out of all the letters, this one caught my attention because I feel like people start to forget things about themselves as they grow older, or they forget what it was like to do an activity that they liked. In the letter, Smith talks about rediscovery and I interpreted that as rediscovering your past self.  Back in high school I used to play in the school marching band so for the picture, I tried to convey myself rediscovering how I experienced music back then.